We’re hiring a Ruby on Rails developer


We’re looking for a Ruby on Rails developer to join our growing team. We work remotely and we’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for an exciting new challenge!

Job Description

You'll be working in a small team from day one, with a focus on delivering value on a daily basis. You'll own functionality from start to finish, from helping flesh out new features, through design, test and finally deploying your code to production.


You’ll need enthusiasm to learn and work across all product areas; from DevOps to front end. As part of a small team you’ll also get to influence our product and see your work immediately impacting our customers’ success and our business.


You will be joining a fully remote team, so strong written communication skills and self-motivation are a must, as is the desire to continually improve our development processes.



Skills & Requirements

  • 2+ years of Ruby on Rails experience

  • ...
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Leveraging Exhibitor Networks To Drive Trade Show Attendance


By Michelle Bruno

According to the Dallas, Texas-based Center For Exhibition Industry’s (CEIR) latest “Cost To Attract Attendees Report,” the top tactics to drive trade show attendance in 2016 include an array of tried-and-true channels. In order of effectiveness, the list includes email, exhibiting at other exhibitions, direct mail, search marketing, telemarketing, social media, trade for free listings and advertising, and complementary exhibitor tickets. The grouping remains mostly unchanged from 2013.

The Limits Of Marketing And Advertising

The full list of tactics, which also includes social media (a tactic on the rise), search marketing and television ads (the least effective), is striking in one respect. With few exceptions, the targets for these tactics fall into only two camps: qualified known (the organizer has contact information and a presumption that the prospect is qualified) and unqualified unknown (the organizer has no contact information and less of...

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N200|GES partners with Gleanin to create seamless, socially-driven event registration


Tamar & David

N200|GES, experts in event registration, lead retrieval and event intelligence, has today announced a strategic partnership with Gleanin to provide integrated advanced marketing tools which drive registration and attendee conversion at events.

Gleanin’s social registration and referral marketing widgets prompt attendees to personally recommend events through their existing social networks. This software is now integrated with Visit, N200|GES’ registration and ticketing software, providing event organisers with seamless social registration and a new marketing channel. 

Leading event organisers are already taking advantage of the partnership with more than 100 exhibitions already live, and UBM and Easyfairs are rolling out Gleanin’s social referral widgets across their portfolios. UBM EMEA Digital Product Manager, Chad Brown, says “We have worked with Gleanin for several years with notable success. The transparency of their results and the level of...

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Gleanin takes UK market share - highlights of the past year


2016 was another exceptional year and one that ended with Gleanin as the clear market leader here in the UK Exhibition industry. Our social registration and referral marketing widgets continued to gain strong industry support as organisers and registration providers continue to choose Gleanin as their preferred supplier.

We pride ourselves in having a product which is technically robust and easy to work with and as such our registration suppliers often recommend us to their clients. We enjoy positive relationships with all our registration partners - N200|GES, Circdata, EAS, Interchange, Show Data, QRS and LiveBuzz and have recently integrated with Info Salons in the Middle East (for Tarsus) and with Cvent in the US (for Frost & Sullivan). We also completed an integration with marketing automation software, Marketo, on behalf of Ascential. Plus our successful partnership with N200|GES saw us deliver a tighter integration in 2016 which has proved a big hit with our joint...

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Building a Referral Funnel To Convert More Attendees


By Michelle Bruno

Referral marketing is another way to describe word-of-mouth marketing. In the digital age, however, referrals can come from many more places than buyers’ mouths. That’s a good thing because it expands the universe of potential referrers as well as the opportunities for garnering referrals. When a Referral-marketing strategy, like a referral funnel, is aligned with pre-show (digital) attendee promotion tactics, the door to converting more attendees through referrals is pushed wide open.


The Referral Funnel for a Trade Show

A typical referral-marketing funnel for an exhibition includes four stages:

  • Participation—People receive or discover information about the show.
  • Sharing—Individuals pass on a link to register to friends or colleagues.
  • Referral—Friends and colleagues get the registration link and go to the registration website.
  • Conversion—People register for the event and/or actually attend.


How to Move Attendee...

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We're exhibiting at Event Tech Live 2016 (and up for 2 awards)


We very much hope to see many of you at the upcoming Event Tech Live which takes place on 9th November at Truman Brewery, London. Please do pop by our stand to say hello or to have a chat about how our tools can increase registrations and attendees for your events.

We're delighted to be partnering with N200|GES on registration for Event Tech Live, showcasing our social marketing widget and helping the organiser to drive an increase in registration and attendance this year.

For those of you who have not yet registered to attend, don't delay - here's a link to register:


Finally, we're very proud to have been shortlisted for two Event Tech Awards, the winners of which will be announced on the evening of 9th November; Best Use of Technology for Marketing an Event and Best Technology for Building Event Attendance. Both applications supported by our recent work with Bett 2016.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Software Development Setup


By Peter Richards, CTO

This is a bit of a change from our normal topics and was inspired by a conversation I had with Graham Parkins, Technical Director at Show Data, about the tools our tech teams use.

As CTO at Gleanin I am responsible for our product and the software we produce. A part of my role also means ensuring the team has the correct tools and processes in place. Our development process is one step away from Continuous Delivery - we often trigger deploys several times per day. Here’s a little run down of the tools we use and how they work for us.

Source Control
For source control (or version control) we use GitHub, which is based on Git. I have used this for every project since I left IBM 10 years ago and I think it's awesome. Git can be a bit of a shift in mindset from other source control products but GitHub have built an amazing product on top of it, including allowing integrations from other 3rd party services (more on this shortly).

We have a master branch...

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Nontraditional Ways To Tell If Your Event Brand Has Value


By Michelle Bruno


Social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are windows into the perceptions of event stakeholders. Savvy organizers are looking more closely at these nontraditional indicators of brand value to obtain insight into how their brands are perceived by customers and lower marketing and advertising costs.


Brand value can be defined in many ways. According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), a strong brand provides credibility, helps to differentiate a business from its competitors, adds value to products and services, commands premium prices, and provides a vehicle for driving customer loyalty and advocacy.

There are a number of models for measuring the value of a brand:

Brand Equity Model: measures elements, such as the strength of the brand in the consumer’s memory and consumer perceptions and preferences for a brand

IPSOS Brand Health Model: looks at consumer perceptions, sensitivity to brand differences in a...

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Product Update: Why redesign?


Why redesign?

One of our large, recent projects has been the redesign of our social widget and we’d like to share a little bit about why we embarked on a redesign, and the process we followed.


So why did we look at redesigning our product? For a couple of reasons really… the first being the value we deliver to our clients. While there are performance improvements to be found in small changes and A/B testing, as a team we felt it was time to take a step back and revisit the product design as a whole.


The second reason was feedback we received from our clients. Our product is a pretty powerful social marketing tool; but even though it does a lot it still has to sit in the context of event organisers’ registration and size was becoming an issue.


How we approached the redesign

Given how close we are to our product, we decided to get an external UX consultant to work with us on the redesign which helped us follow best practices.

After interviewing...

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Using Influencer Targeting to Grow Attendance and Sponsor Revenue


Attendees and Twitter users exhibit similar behaviors. In fact, Twitter mirrors virtually the way that business professionals act and connect in the real world. Because of this similarity, it’s possible for businesses to use the connections, (the social graph) that people develop on Twitter, to identify prospects. Savvy event organizers are using Twitter to mine for attendee prospects and provide exhibitors and sponsors with access to potential customers they are otherwise unable to target.     

Attendees and twitter users are a lot alike.

People attend conferences and trade shows to network with others they already know, meet professionals with whom they share common interests, and hear from speakers on topics that interest them. Likewise, Twitter users follow people they already know (in real life), individuals with whom they share common interests, and thought leaders they find relevant. Influencer targeting is an effective way to take advantage of the...

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