HOWTO: Run a Twitter Tailored Audience Ad Campaign


By Ajay Mathur

Twitter recently introduced the ability to place ads in the timelines of people you specify. This can be a great way to drive registrations for your event if you have a list of twitter accounts you want to target.

Here are the steps you need to follow...

1. Go in to your Twitter Ads account,, and create a new campaign or edit an existing one and scroll down to "Select additional targetting criteria" and select the "+ Add tailored audiences" option.

Step 1

2. Select the "Create a list audience" option.

Step 2

3. You will be taken to a page to "Create new list audience". Give your audience a name e.g GleanIn Prospects. Under "What kind of records will you upload?" select "Twitter usernames".

Upload your datafile (if you are using GleanIn prospects this will be the file we have sent you) and leave the "the records in this data file are already normalized and hashed using SHA256" unchecked.


Step 3

4. Almost done. You typically have to wait 3 hours before your list is ready to be used in your Twitter Ad campaign.

Step 4

This list of people can now be targeted by any of your Twitter Ad campaigns.

Please do get in touch if you fancy giving this a go on your event.

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