There Has To Be More To Attendee Marketing Than The Status Quo


By Michelle Bruno

Many aspects of trade shows haven’t changed in decades. Plenty of exhibition organizers are quite happy with the status quo—especially when it comes to attendee marketing. It may not be long, however, before the tried-and-true promotional tactics become too weak and worn to be effective. Now may be the best time to look at alternatives.

The 2014 report, “Cost to Attract Attendees,” from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), lists the top five attendee promotion tactics used and the average percentage of the budget that is allocated to them: 

•    Email: 26%
•    Direct mail: 30%
•    Print magazine ads: 10%
•    Social media: 5%
•    Online advertising: 6% 

But, the performance of the most popular audience promotion tactics is lackluster. For example, according to the Direct Marketing Association’s (based in the...

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Case Study: Event Tech Live 2015


Event Tech Live 2015 took place at the Old Truman Brewery, East London on 11 November and attracted technology exhibitors across software, services, apps and hardware for the events’ industry.

We provided the Social Registration for the event, alongside GES|n200's registration software. It was a privilege to work on Event Tech Live as the event is all about highlighting the best event technology.

Please click on the link below to download a copy of the case study from Event Tech Live 2015.




"Event Tech Live is about showing off the best technology. I had no hesitation in selecting N200|GES for their registration and Gleanin for their social registration capabilities."

Adam Parry, Commercial Director, Event Tech Live

Gleanin have been invited back to provide the Social Registration for the next event, Event Tech Live 2016. We look forward to showing off the latest version of our software at the next event. The event...

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Getting to the Bottom of Online Recommendations


By Michelle Bruno

People trust online recommendations, especially when they come from within their own social networks. Getting people to endorse a product, service, or event online isn’t all that hard if you know what motivates endorsers in the first place.

People spread the word for all kinds of reasons.

There’s plenty of research on why people make online recommendations. Whether the recommendations are for consumer products or business services apparently doesn’t matter. A variety of studies show that the motivations are the same:

  • People want to be accepted and recognized by their peers.
  • Online “recommenders” want to differentiate themselves.
  • Many individuals want to be seen as thought leaders.
  • Some people simply like to share and help, especially online.
  • Incentives exist for the recommendations.
  • Sharing is simply an accepted behavior for social networks.

Attendees like to make recommendations too.

Attendees are similarly motivated when they...

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Reach and Relevancy - How social registration helps


Reach, the term is used to describe the potential audience for a social media post. In the social media world you will typically calculate potential reach by adding up all the followers of everyone who retweeted your tweet or the number of likes you have on your Facebook page or the number of followers you have on Instagram.

Getting Bieber or Stephen Fry to tweet about your event will get you huge reach. But is it the right reach?

In a recent interview with Event Industry News i2i CEO Mark Shashoua highlighted the importance of attracting the right audience - "What you are going to see, or what has already started to happen in many sectors, is that the audience base is evolving and becoming more discerning and demanding. The people that attend exhibitions now are much more relevant to the exhibitor than the ones that used to attend."

He went on to say that "If that means our quantum of audience might be smaller but the quality is significantly higher –...

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Using Social Proof To Grow Your Event


By Michelle Bruno

We know instinctively that consumers make decisions about products to buy and services to procure based on what others say and do. This “social proof” is a fundamental principle in marketing, advertising and sales. Event organizers can use social proof as well to increase registrations and conversions (registrants that actually attend) with more velocity and at a lower cost. In the future, social proof could, potentially, enable them to curate whole audiences.

The herd mentality

Social proof is a tendency for people to imitate a behavior based on the assumption that something is better or correct if others—especially those they deem more influential or knowledgeable—engage in it. Brands use celebrity endorsements to sell more products. Restaurants create waiting lists and lines in order to create more demand. Event organizers use delegate testimonials to recruit more attendees. Social proof is a powerful motivator that appeals to basic human...

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Don’t ignore your email registrants when running social registration


One of the questions we get asked repeatedly is what percentage of registrants register socially. This varies drastically from event to event, but at an exhibition it is safe to say that the majority are not going to register socially. This does not mean your email registrants can’t benefit from your enhanced social registration process, and in this post we look at the steps.

Let your email registrants invite others

Sending an invite is as social as it gets. An invite can be via email or social network even if they haven’t registered socially. At Gleanin we have seen impressive conversion rates from invites sent out from email registrants. You can make the process even more engaging by letting an invitor know when their invitees go on to register.

Give email registrants another chance to connect socially

For whatever reason, usually a lack of trust from having their social details abused previously, registrants can be reticent to share their details. On the gleanin...

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Benchmarking Social Registration


No two events are the same. So it is no surprise that social registration results vary from event to event and industry to industry. As we get more and more events on our social registration platform we are able to perform sophisticated benchmarking across our clients and use the results anonymously.

In this post we will cover why benchmarking is so important, but first let's look at the main indicators we benchmark.

  1. % of registrants who opted to register socially

  2. % of total registrants that send invitations (email or social registrants)

  3. % of invites that convert to registrations

  4. % of overall registrations generated by Gleanin invites

  5. % of total registrants that broadcast their attendance on social media


What does benchmarking social registration results give us?

  1. Allows us to be proactive in our engagement: we provide extra contact and support if your event is underperforming. From making simple changes like wording and placement through to noticing your...

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The Trick to Increasing Pre-Registration to Attendee Conversions


By Michelle Bruno

It’s much easier for trade show organizers to get online, pre-event registrations than it is to convert those registrations to actual attendees. Even if the event content is compelling and the timing is right, a certain percentage of registrants fail to actually show up at most events—a metric that makes it challenging for exhibition organizers to plan effectively.

There are plenty of reasons why registrants fail to attend—schedule conflicts, last-minute work emergencies, projects suddenly coming due or the registrant simply forgetting about the event. In order to improve the event’s chances of keeping the non-attendance rate low, it’s helpful to understand and leverage what ultimately draws business professionals to an event and acting on that information.

A 2013 study from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) reveals what attendees want from trade shows. 69% say they attend to meet “shopping needs,”...

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Comparing Social Registration to Other Marketing Channels


By Michelle Bruno, MPC

For years, trade show marketers have employed a variety of channels to attract attendees. The ability to track the effectiveness and costs of employing specific channels enables marketers to allocate budgets and make better decisions. Despite its name, social registration is perfectly positioned to compete with other marketing channels for marketers’ attention.


What We Know About Marketing to Attendees

The marketing channels currently being used by exhibition marketers include a range of traditional and digital tactics such as email, direct mail, print advertising, social media, online advertising, search engine marketing, exhibitor complementary tickets, and telemarketing.

There are a couple of things to consider when using multiple channels:

  • The effectiveness of some channels is easier to measure than others. For example, it is easier to attribute an individuals’ attendance to the receipt of a pre-populated registration link via email...
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Grow your event’s audience simply and cost effectively


With heavy reliance on email and inhouse databases to drive visitor numbers each year, is it any wonder that organisers are needing to seek out new channels that will help them increase both the quality and quantity of their event audience?

That's why I believe we have seen such unprecedented growth in the use of our social marketing tools. These tools have been built specifically to help the organiser leverage the social networks of their registrants, exhibitor brands and exhibitor personnel to increase relevant attendance.

With little effort required from the organiser, Gleanin enriches the registration experience for registrants by showing them who else is attending the event from their networks, and others “socially” registered. Importantly, they are encouraged to send personal email or social invites to relevant contacts and are able to purposely recommend the event to their networks. Organisers also have the option to offer exhibitors and their stand personnel...

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