Keeping your community engaged post-show [100 word blog]


By Tamar Beck

You may remember our blog Life in the dead zone? Yes keeping active requires effort, but if you want to increase brand value, you need to take action now!

Here are 3 ideas on how you can continue engagement after the event:

  • Produce vox pops with key speakers during the event, when posting post-show, make sure you @mention the speaker
  • Blog/guest blog on issues debated at the show, include links to relevant articles and @mention experts
  • Ask event community for feedback

Key learning: want to be highly valued, then provide on-going value.

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How to reach new audiences with hashtags [100 word blog]


By Simon Reeve

Previously we’ve been through Choosing an Event Hashtag, but how can you tap into the power of other hashtags to extend your reach and target new audiences?

Here are 3 simple steps to get you started:

  • Search Twitter for industry keywords – are they being hashtagged?
  • Experiment with hashtags in your tweets – this will increase your reach, following and engagement 
  • Join industry #Twitterchats – they’re popping up all the time so get involved in relevant ones to you

Key Learning = hashtags are like fuel for your tweets, allowing them to travel further!

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Leverage your speakers on Twitter [100 word blog]


A big pull for many exhibitions is the high calibre speaker line-up. Landing the leading industry figures is great, but how do you leverage them to provide that extra pull?

Our previous blog Get Your Speakers Tweeting gives some great detailed advice, but here are our Twitter tips:

  • Follow and listen to your speakers
  • Share their content if it's relevant to your audience
  • Ask them to engage and use your hashtag
  • Promote their presence at the show

This engagement will leverage your speakers to create a ‘buzz’ around the event and connect you to those you most want to attract.

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