Google plusses and minuses


You might think the world’s most powerful Internet company would have no trouble cornering the social networking market. But after two notable failed attempts in the last five years (Buzz and Wave), Google has struggled to catch up with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. It’s latest contender, Google+, has been growing steadily since launching in 2011, and Google has just given it a major facelift. For event organisers, G+ offers some compelling features.

Dancing in a circle

Circles - they're jolly fun!

More than a social network, Google+ brings together a whole suite of the company’s social and collaborative services that work across desktop and mobile devices, as well as integrating seamlessly with all the company’s other online services like Gmail, Calendar and YouTube. According to recent independent stats, Google+ is now the second largest social network after Facebook, with a purported 359 million active monthly users. Much of this growth is down to the...

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