Case Study: The influence of speaker engagement on Twitter


By Simon Reeve

As event marketers we’re effectively salespeople, selling the prospect of attending the event and that a day out of the office will be great to find new suppliers, meet existing contacts, and get inspiration from an educational seminar programme. 

This job of event marketing is becoming increasingly difficult, prospective visitors are becoming more able to switch off our marketing messages, increasingly distracted with other things going on in their work-life, and they’re tired of being sold to.

What if those prospective visitors were more likely to listen to someone else, someone they know, they respect, and they look up to. Social media has given us this wonderful opportunity of tapping into other [influential] people’s networks, which was much more difficult to do before the rise of social media platforms such as Twitter.

This influencer marketing should be a solid approach for event marketers, and a quick browse through...

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The power of your influencers


By Tamar Beck

It’s a great feeling when you see an unprompted positive comment about your exhibition on Twitter. There is real value in knowing that one of your stakeholders has had such a great experience that they want to tell their network how fantastic it was!

Take this scenario, put yourself in a prospective exhibitor or visitor’s shoes and think about how interested you’d be if you saw someone you genuinely trust, or look up to, commenting positively and freely about a show.

Of course, this works in the reverse too…

Your stakeholders really do have all the power, so embrace it.

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The 5 approaches to your social marketing


By Simon Reeve

Creating a strategy for your social marketing efforts isn’t easy. Where do you start? You’re likely to have your overall marketing strategy in place, you know your goals, objectives and target audience for this year, but where does marketing through your social channels fit into the mix?

We’ve mentioned before about social media being overlooked as a bit of a nice-to-have, but we think social should be moving up the exhibition marketers priority list. If social is taking a back seat for you, knowing and understanding these 5 approaches will help you put aside more time to create meaningful objectives for your time spent on social…

1.    Brand Maintenance

This is the core approach of your social marketing efforts. Brand maintenance should be bubbling away in the background at all times. It’s all about being on the right platforms suitable to your industry, and then listening. Listening to what is being said about your...

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Leverage your speakers on Twitter [100 word blog]


A big pull for many exhibitions is the high calibre speaker line-up. Landing the leading industry figures is great, but how do you leverage them to provide that extra pull?

Our previous blog Get Your Speakers Tweeting gives some great detailed advice, but here are our Twitter tips:

  • Follow and listen to your speakers
  • Share their content if it's relevant to your audience
  • Ask them to engage and use your hashtag
  • Promote their presence at the show

This engagement will leverage your speakers to create a ‘buzz’ around the event and connect you to those you most want to attract.

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Tweet the Press


Here at we love to enthuse about the benefits of social media, but that doesn’t mean we think you should ignore more traditional media in the quest to promote your event. As any marketer worth his or her salt knows, a mention by a prominent journalist or outlet covering your event’s sector can be an extremely effective way of raising your show’s profile. But how do you get them to notice you in the first place?

bird of paradise display

How will you court traditional media?

The first thing to be aware of is that distinctions between traditional and social media are blurring at the edges. Plenty of ‘traditional’ outlets like trade magazine websites now incorporate social media elements - blogs, comment threads on stories, discussion forums, Twitter feeds and so on. Even where they don’t, some of their journalists are likely to be active twitterers. Likewise, many of the more influential figures in social media - prominent bloggers, tweeters, etc - have just as...

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Get Your Speakers Tweeting


Securing a great line-up of expert speakers for your event is one thing, but are you making full use of their potential to help you market the show effectively to would-be visitors? In most professional sectors, the kind of presenters you’re signing up may well be active Twitterers - particularly if they’re regulars on the speaker circuit.

Your Speakers Have Their Own Audience

Your speakers should be telling their audience they're speaking

Specialist speakers often attract a concentration of followers with a professional interest in their field of expertise. Getting them to tweet about your event can bring it to the attention of precisely the people you want to woo. Remember, it’s not about the total number of followers a speaker has, but the number matching your target demographic. A big-name celebrity might have tens of thousands of followers, but only a handful might be interested in your event. Conversely, although a specialist speaker might only have a few hundred followers, a much larger...

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