The 5 approaches to your social marketing


By Simon Reeve

Creating a strategy for your social marketing efforts isn’t easy. Where do you start? You’re likely to have your overall marketing strategy in place, you know your goals, objectives and target audience for this year, but where does marketing through your social channels fit into the mix?

We’ve mentioned before about social media being overlooked as a bit of a nice-to-have, but we think social should be moving up the exhibition marketers priority list. If social is taking a back seat for you, knowing and understanding these 5 approaches will help you put aside more time to create meaningful objectives for your time spent on social…

1.    Brand Maintenance

This is the core approach of your social marketing efforts. Brand maintenance should be bubbling away in the background at all times. It’s all about being on the right platforms suitable to your industry, and then listening. Listening to what is being said about your...

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The future of events is social, not virtual


By Jim Mortleman

Forecasting the future is a spurious science. The history of futurology is littered with examples of misplaced self-confidence, such as when Harry M. Warner of Warner Brothers said in 1927 that no one would ever want to hear actors talk, or when IBM chairman Thomas Watson predicted in 1948 that there would never be a need for more than five computers in the world.

These days, people are still underestimating (and overblowing) the impact of new technology with the same level of hubris. If history teaches us anything, it’s that technology-driven change is inevitable. The problem is, you can never be certain precisely how that change will pan out.

I remember, at around the turn of the millennium, being invited to several ‘virtual’ technology exhibitions. ‘Visitors’ could sit at their PC and ‘walk’ round aisles in much the same way you might negotiate a 3D maze in a computer game. If you saw a stand that interested you, you...

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What Valentine's Day can teach event organisers about social media


By Jim Mortleman

With romance in the air and Cupid firing off arrows left, right and centre, the time is ripe to spread a bit of social media loving. And we’re not talking about online dating (although how you might spend this evening is no business of ours). No, we’re talking about you, dear event organiser, and your various roles as matchmaker, seducer, purveyor of passion and inspirer of undying faithfulness. So, without further flowery ado, here are our St. Valentine’s Day tips for smart social media event management…

Be a good listener

Don’t think social media’s all about ‘me, me, me’. In order to get to know someone, you need to listen to what they’re saying. Properly. That doesn’t mean using a piece of automated software to favourite tweets or ‘like’ status updates containing certain keywords. It means reading your timeline regularly and actually getting to know people. Because if you really listen...

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Twitter: The Right Approach!


By Simon Reeve

Last summer I made the move from a traditional exhibition marketing role to a client-focused community management role here at GleanIn. Since then I’ve had the unique opportunity to work on social campaigns with lots of different marketing teams.

Previously I worked in a small team across many different campaign elements, and to be honest, mainly due to resource, our social marketing strategy took a back seat! Social marketing is often misconstrued as a "nice to have" customer service channel, and is not always strategically planned out as well as other marketing communications such as email, advertising and direct mail.

This article Four Trends and Predictions for B2B Social Media in 2014  identifies a big trend for 2014 being “B2B brands to integrate social media with the overall marketing function”, I think this hits the spot and there is little evidence of this as yet in the events industry, I mean, we all plan our email...

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How the social web is changing marketing [Video Blog]


Here at GleanIn we believe the social web is changing the world. So, in this week’s blog we hear from highly respected all-round transformation and innovation guru Alan Moore.

Alan is an author, innovator, and entrepreneur whose work focuses on how businesses can transform themselves in times of significant change, just like now! Therefore we’ve asked him to tell us how he thinks the social web is changing the world of marketing, plus give us a few tips on how we can make the most of it!

Check out the video above for a fascinating insight into Alan’s thoughts. Or if you prefer to read, we’ve summerised everything Alan had to say below.

How the world of marketing is changing…

  • Previously we have lived in a linear world; businesses and marketers have behaved in a set way, predominantly in ‘broadcast mode’. 
  • The current digital communication revolution and growth of the social web means that communication is becoming increasingly...
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Share - But Not Alike


It’s hard to find a website or app these days that doesn’t scream at you to share content. Buttons and icons abound enticing you to tweet or like this, pin or +1 that. While it’s good to share, it’s also fair to say you can get too much of a good thing. If you’re relatively new to Twitter, it can be hard to understand exactly what content you should be sharing, not to mention when and how. But before we talk about sensible content-sharing strategies, it’s worth running over some of the dumber ones.

There are many ways to share

What & how you share on Twitter says a lot about you.
Erm... as does your swimwear.

The scattergun sharer

It’s easy to spot scattergun sharers. Their Twitter timelines read like a tedious log of their entire online life: ‘I just read this article...Here’s a video I just watched...I just ordered pizza...I just checked in here...I just liked this LOLcat...’ The most likely response to these brokers of banality is, of course,...

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