How the social web is changing marketing [Video Blog]


Here at GleanIn we believe the social web is changing the world. So, in this week’s blog we hear from highly respected all-round transformation and innovation guru Alan Moore.

Alan is an author, innovator, and entrepreneur whose work focuses on how businesses can transform themselves in times of significant change, just like now! Therefore we’ve asked him to tell us how he thinks the social web is changing the world of marketing, plus give us a few tips on how we can make the most of it!

Check out the video above for a fascinating insight into Alan’s thoughts. Or if you prefer to read, we’ve summerised everything Alan had to say below.

How the world of marketing is changing…

  • Previously we have lived in a linear world; businesses and marketers have behaved in a set way, predominantly in ‘broadcast mode’. 
  • The current digital communication revolution and growth of the social web means that communication is becoming increasingly...
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